Time to get back out there

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Flamingos at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


I know we are still all a little unsure about what to expect when we visit places at the moment and we were no different. Our recent family trip to #ZslWhipsnadeZoo with three generations was a great test.

Importantly we all felt safe with the precautions that had been put in place, the Keepers were on hand to ensure distancing was followed even in the bottle neck locations. The great British summer ☔️ was ensuring we didn’t get to comfortable but with such a large site there was always somewhere safely ’distanced’ shelter. The kids had the most fantastic time with the highlights being a close encounter with a Wallaby 🦘and a Cheetah 🐆 who appeared to think toddlers might be on the menu.

So great job to all at #Whipsnade that have worked hard to make the zoo a location we can all enjoy once more.

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