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Are airports shopping destinations??

It’s December and everyone is gearing up to the Christmas break. My partner and I have been looking forward to another treat before the big day?! We are heading to the ‘Big Apple‘, NYC baby, the city that never sleeps!!

So after months of excitedly waiting for this trip, the time has arrived and we pack our bag and get on the road. No matter how much time you leave it’s always that slightly nervous journey, praying that the traffic gods are on your side! Turns out they were and we arrived and joined the usual check-in and security herd.

Once we were through that sense of relaxation wash’s over and we made our way through the retail pathway of World Duty Free. The layout of these stores funnels you from the security system queues through to the oasis of retail and eateries that can now be found in the majority of airports these days. We were guided along with every other traveler and treated to the delights and bargains on offer in ‘Duty Free‘ shopping. Maybe a visit to the perfumery, then taking a tour through to the alcohol section and onto the giftware area. You can feel the giddy air of excitement from other holiday makers full of endorphins as they choose a new scent or celebratory tipple for their big trip. Then you have those heading home from a trip to the UK who are hovering up the Union Jack inspired gifts and Red Bus branded products as a memento or a thank you gift to a loved one.

Upon leaving World Duty Free we entered the main concourse filled with the buzz of people. Looking around it becomes very apparent how many high street stores now have found a place here – John Lewis, WH Smiths, Cath Kitson, Superdry, Accessorize, to name a few. Each store provide their own unique take on travel UK themed giftware, as well as offering their usual product catalogue.

We made our way around the clothing stores and tech shops. With some good savings were on offer and both myself and my partner purchased several items. So the question is did we buy these because –

  • We felt we could get a genuine saving compared to the high street?
  • We needed / wanted the item for our trip?
  • The happy holiday endorphins made us more susceptible to spending?

I think it proved to be a mixture of all three. I did make a saving of £15. I did want (but not need) a new compact bluetooth speaker. The excitement of holiday made me much more likely to make a purchase. With these in mind you can now see why High Street stores can have easy picking with consumers off guard and easily influenced. I saw many other travelers making purchases who I’m sure many of which fell into similar brackets as myself.